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Explorer 595 centre Stage at Sydney Boat Show 2017

The 2017 Sydney International Boat Show is the landmark event on the Australian boating calendar. Cruise Craft supported Sydney dealer Hunts Marine with a stunning display of six boats, the new release Outsider 595 HT, Explorer 530, Explorer 595 HT, Explorer 685 HT and the R6 bow rider.

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Cruise Craft Adds New Outsider HardTop Model

The Cruise Craft range of quality fibreglass family boats, has been expanded further with the launch of the Outsider 595 HT. This brings to four, the number of distinctive HardTop models in the Cruise Craft range.

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Labour of Love (by ClubMarine)

An article by Nichols Bros by ClubMarine

The Nichols family have had a 70 year love affair with boating. The 'Nichols Bros' sign over the factory door may be old and faded, but this out-of-the-way yard in the Brisbane suburb of Hemmant continues to produce some of the most respected trailerboats in Australia.

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Cruise Craft Releases R Series Bow Riders

Following a five year hiatus, Cruise Craft has reentered the bow-rider market with the launch of the stylish Cruise Craft R Series, two new Aussie built bow rider models. The Cruise Craft R55 and the Cruise Craft R6 breathe revitalised life into the Australian family boating market.

As one of Australia’s premier and longest established boat manufacturers, Cruise Craft enjoys an exceptional reputation for quality of design and construction. The addition of the Cruise Craft R Series bow riders rounds out a comprehensive model range on offer from the multi award winning boat builder.

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Cruise Craft & Wynnum Marine Join For 70th Birthday Bash

The Nichols Brothers family business which owns and operates Cruise Craft boat manufacturing and Wynnum Marine, celebrated their 70th birthday in style with a glitzy party.

Nichols Brothers was established on August 12th 1946, and fittingly the 70th birthday celebration was hosted on August 12th 2016.

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Cruise Craft Shows Off R6 Bow Rider At SIBS

Cruise Craft came with all guns blazing to the 2016 Sydney International Boat Show with a big display of five Cruise Craft models, the highlight being the release of the new Cruise Craft R6 bow rider.

Displayed on a floor cradle so that the public could get a great look at the inside of this sensational new boat, the Cruise Craft R6 was warmly received. The exceptional finish on the fibreglass, family-friendly interior layout and the best appointments available made the R6 launch a standout event at the show.

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Cruise Craft Boats Now 100% Composite Construction

3c composite build logo

Cruise Craft boats has announced that every Cruise Craft model is now constructed utilising an advanced allcomposite construction method which ensures that all hulls are now 100% timber free. With zero timber in the construction, the opportunity for timber rot has been completely eliminated.

In a conventional fibreglass hull, timber was principally used in the transom and sub-floor system, and following a lengthy research and development program, Cruise Craft now has construction process which provides a 100% composite Cruise Craft boat.

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Broadwater Boating and Cruise Craft Set “Firsts” at Gold Coast International Marine Expo

Broadwater Boating and Cruise Craft celebrated a string of firsts at the recent Gold Coast International Marine Expo.

For the first time, Broadwater Boating displayed the Cruise Craft range of boats. Having been recently appointed a Cruise Craft dealer, the Gold Coast International Marine Expo was the first opportunity to take the Cruise Craft range to the boating public at a boat show.

The display included the Cruise Craft Explorer 685 HT, Explorer 595 HT and Outsider 595, plus two new models on national release.

A highlight of the Expo was the first ever showing of the new Cruise Craft R series.

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Explorer 530 Boat Test - FishLife

Several Months after its introduction, David Granville provides FishLife with an update on the ins & outs of his Explorer 530, as well as the additions he's made to improve it's perfomance as a boat and fishing vessel.

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Cruise Craft Appoints Streaker Boats As Sole Victorian Dealer

Cruise Craft has announced the appointment of respected Melbourne boat dealer Streaker Boats, as the sole and exclusive dealer for the complete range of Cruise Craft boats.

The appointment is effective immediately and will see a solid range of Cruise Craft models on the Streaker Boats stand at the 2015 Melbourne Boat Show.

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Cruise Craft Explorer 595 HardTop review - by TrailerBoats

Trailerboats has taken the Cruise Craft explorer 595 Hard Topfor a review.

"The Cruise Craft Explorer 595 is easily my favourite boat in the Cruise Craft line-up of fibreglass fishing boats. So how can you improve on a boat that already has a winning formula? If anything one would think a truckload more of fancy accessories might do it." ~ Kevin Smith

Trailerboats Review the 595 HardTop Explorer

Cruise Craft Explorer 625 review - by TrailerBoats

Trailerboats has taken the Cruise Craft explorer 625 out for a spin and delivered a full review of the boat and features.

Join Kevin Smith of Trailerboats on the water by following the below link, and see for yourself.

Trailerboats Review the 625 Explorer

Cruise Craft Adds Explorer 595 HardTop Model

The popularity of the Hard Top design concept knows no bounds at Cruise Craft with the release of the third Hard Top model, the Cruise Craft Explorer 595 Hard Top.

The new Explorer 595HT, compliments the larger Cruise Craft Explorer 625HT and the top of the range Cruise Craft Explorer 685HT.

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First Look - Cruise Craft Explorer 625HT

Cruise Craft has added the Explorer 625HT (hardtop) to its range of hard-core fishing boats and says serious bluewater fishermen will be well-protected under the 625HT's hardtop cover when they head offshore under stormy skies or blistering summer sunshine.

Cruise Craft says the hardtop is an enhancement to its popular Explorer 625 and comes at a small additional cost over the 625's stainless steel folding targa/bimini setup.

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Cruise Craft Appoints Sports Marine In WA

Leading Australian boat manufacturer, Cruise Craft, has announced the appointment of Sports Marine as the exclusive, authorised Cruise Craft dealer for Western Australia. The appointment is effective immediately with Sports Marine kicking off their announcement with four Cruise Craft boats now in stock.

The appointment of Sports Marine coincides with the launch of the all new Cruise Craft Explorer 625 HT, a model which should prove very popular with WA Fishermen.

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Cruise Craft Explorer Another HardTop Added To The Range

The range of hard core Cruise Craft fishing boats has been expanded with the release of the Explorer 625HT model. This becomes the second HardTop model in the Cruise Craft range, with the bigger Explorer 685 HT proving to be a highly popular model.

Now, serious bluewater fishermen can head offshore under stormy skies, or blistering summer sunshine, well protected by the hard top cover on their Explorer 625HT. This is a purpose designed and manufactured fibreglass moulding specifically tailored to the 625 model.

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BH Marine Appointed Cruise Craft Dealer

Prominent Australian boat manufacturer, Cruise Craft, has announced the appointment of BH Marine in Darwin as an official Cruise Craft dealer. BH Marine has full access to the entire Cruise Craft range with the first boat already on display in the dealership.

Dealership Principal, Byron Hazell, is a highly experienced and respected identity in the Australian Marine Industry. As the current President of the Boating Industry Association – Northern Territory, Byron Hazell is one of the best in the business.

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Cruise Craft Joins Forces with Yamaha to Provide Factory Rigged BMT Packages.

Leading Australian boat manufacturer, Cruise Craft Boats, has announced an innovative new alliance with Yamaha Motor Australia. Effective immediately, all models in the Cruise Craft range are now available as complete factory rigged, turnkey packages with Yamaha outboards fitted to the transom.

In a joint launch to the national network of Cruise Craft dealers, Nathan Nichols of Cruise Craft and Iain McLeod (National Sales and Marketing Manager) announced that the new structure reinforced the close ties which already existed between the two companies.

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One thing I try to do when reviewing a product, whether boat, motor, reel or even a lure, is to be very open and honest and give an objective evaluation.

After all my reputation is at stake and if I give something a wrap and it misses the mark I lose credibility.

Generally when doing a boat test you only get a short time for an evaluation and usually with just the one motor.

This is an article in the January issue of Bush'n Beach Fishing Magazine.

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The line up of quality, Australian built Cruise Craft Explorers has been bolstered with the launch of the completely new Explorer 595 model. The new model builds on the successful hull geometry pioneered with the Cruise Craft 530 and 595 series of hulls.

Aimed squarely at the hard core fishing market, the new Explorer 595 is conveniently positioned in the middle of the established Explorer line up. This is a boat which establishes a new benchmark in Australian boating.

The Cruise Craft Explorer 595 is the boat that has been built for the hard core recreational fishermen who head way offshore to the deep blue waters where game fish run.

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Cruise Craft has again reinforced its absolute commitment to the Australian recreational boating market with the launch of the totally new Cruise Craft Outsider 595 model. The new Outsider slots perfectly between the existing 575 and 625 models.

Following on from the success of the Cruise Craft 485 and 530 models released in 2010, Cruise Craft is confirmed as one of Australia’s most active and prolific boat manufacturers.

Most significantly, the new Cruise Craft Outsider 595 continues the design genre established with the 530. The generously flared bows, sleek deck line and rolling gunwale profile have won wide acclaim for the pleasing and balanced design. In short, the new style Cruise Craft Outsiders has achieved, ‘the look’ and delivers in spades on the ‘wow’ factor.

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Come Rain, Hail or Shine it is always difficult to get the right weather conditions when you want to go fishing.

Thankfully the designers at Cruise Craft have come up with the ideal solution with the ever popular Explorer 685 now available with a factory installed HardTop.

The HardTop is a two piece moulded system with a smooth gelcoat interior liner that makes it easy to clean and maintain. The two components are bonded together to form a very stylish HardTop shell.

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